WML display tests

Basic display tests

  1. Test of a single card deck
  2. Simple test of multiple cards in a deck
  3. Test of text styling [screenshot]
  4. Image support (PNG) [screenshot]
  5. Vertical scrolling test

Navigation tests

  1. Test of DO element containing GO element
  2. Specifying a URL with query parameters
  3. Test of 'accesskey' attribute on links
  4. Test of relative links
  5. Simple test of timers
  6. Timer with zero duration (should not expire)
  7. Onevent/timer test with HTTP GET and query parameters in URL
  8. Onevent/timer test with HTTP POST and query parameters in postfield
  9. 'Previous' anchors
  10. Link containing variable

Form tests

  1. Form submission test
  2. Form submission test using POST
  3. Test of 'onpick' attribute on options
  4. Password fields are displayed correctly
  5. Appropriate lifetime of form input data
  6. Form submission confused by a field named 'action'
  7. Form submission confused by a field named 'method'
  8. Test case for bug 6436 (currently only one of the login buttons works)
  9. Test with postfield inside onevent/go
  10. Test the appearance of a fieldset with a title

Tests of multiple cards and events

It is intended to fix these in the 0.8 build.

  1. Onevent/Onforward/Go test with postfield
  2. 3 cards with onenterforward/onenterbackward navigation
  3. Operation of timers with multiple cards

Tests of non-ASCII characters and encodings

  1. Correct use of character entity references
  2. Correct use of character entity references with space before '>' in DOCTYPE declaration
  3. Incorrect use of character entity references This page should fail to load
  4. Character encoding test 1, ISO-8859-1
  5. Character references (e.g. Cyrillic characters)
  6. Numeric entity references
  7. Whitespace before XML declaration
  8. Character encoding test 2, UTF-8 (in Windows, you may need to download additional fonts to see this correctly)
  9. Byte order mark test
  10. Test of page without internal DTD declaration (currently fails)

Miscellaneous parsing issues

  1. Empty link
  2. Ampersands in URLs
  3. A non-well-formed file. This page should fail to load.

WBMP images

Note: the wmlbrowser extension does not support WBMP images.

  1. Sample WBMP image (bugzilla attachment)

External sites


Browser integration tests

  1. Back/Forward work
  2. Open in New Window/Open in New Tab work
  3. Reload works (currently broken for .wml files loaded from filesystem)
  4. View Source works
  5. Add to Bookmarks works

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