wmlbrowser options

Here are the options which you can set in wmlbrowser in version 0.6.

Tell web sites that the browser understands WML content

What does this mean?

Whenever you send a request for a page to the web, your browser sends something called an Accept header, which says what kinds of content the browser understands.

If you set this option, your browser will tell web sites that it understands WML.

This can cause the web server to send you a different page.

What's the recommended setting?

The best default setting for this is off. Turning it on may mean that you get web pages which you weren't expecting, and it's been reported to break Hotmail.

Loading files from the filesystem

What's the problem?

By default, the wmlbrowser extension allows Mozilla/Firefox to load and display WML pages from a web server. But if you have a file on your local disk with a ".wml" extension, your browser doesn't know what to do with it.

If you select this option, your browser will know that a .wml file contains WML content and will display it appropriately.

What's the recommended setting?

I recommend you leave this setting off unless you know that you need to load WML files from your file system.

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